DaysOff Registering
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Yes, Register DaysOff 3.0 Now !

Why Register?

By registering, you obtain a license for use of DaysOff full version which allows you to insert all days off in the Palm Datebook. By registering, you will receive all the future DaysOff releases or bug correction. By registering, you support the hours we spend developping DaysOff Program. By registering, you encourage us to add more functionalities to DaysOff, and to develop other Palm compatible software.

Suggestion of country database modification or creation from registered user will receive special attention from our development team.

How much does it cost?

Registration fee is only 9 US Dollars (for europeans citizens, up today, 1 Euro is close to 0.9 US Dollar. More information of registration fee conversion in Euro here).

There is a special price for people who already registered DaysOff with a postcard before Jan 15, 2000. If you did so, please don't register now, and send an e-mail to palm.

How long does it take?

After reception of your paiement confirmation, you will receive by mail the registered version of Days Off, and your registration code. The delay shall not be longer than 7 days.

How do I Register?

Registration is performed on PalmGear Site. PalmGear accept any card payment, checks, etc... . To guaranty the full transaction security, PalmGear shopping site is located on a secured SSL server. To register, just click on the button...

Click on the image to register

Registration performed thanks to PalmGear !

    last update: May 07, 2003