DaysOff Version History
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Version 3.0

Modification Date: November 1999
Size: 23 k (without database).
0.6 k for each database approximately.
DaysOff becomes a shareware. New features:

  • Remembrance of the selection (Country / Language / Selected Year / Event Time)
  • Settable event time for DateBook Insertion.
  • Country noted in DateBook event (e.g. " Easter [USA] " or " Fête Nationale [F] ")
  • Selection of the date format depending of the prefs of the pilot.
  • Only English version. French version to be done.
  • Language choice available for each country (often English / French, and local if available).
  • Addition of a new country can be done at any time: country data stored in separated database file which can be added as they become available, or after a new release.
  • Removing of DaysOff DateBook events is possible.
  • Insertion of days off in DateBook can be made for several years at the same time.
  • New countries available. Check the up to date list here.
  • Country Database deletion available in DaysOff.
  • Possibility to inspect DateBook events presents at any day off date.


Version: 2.01 - Bug correction version

Modification Date: July 1999
Size: 19 k
New features:

  • Correction of misspelling errors
  • Addition of readmes
  • Correction of bug for mobile days off computed as " 3rd Monday in the month " or " last Thursday in the month "
  • Addition of Easter and Good Friday for US
  • Modification of Canada days off

Version: 2.0 (formerly called Relâche)

Modification Date: June 1999
Size: 18 k
New Features:

  • Available Countries: A, B, CA, F, GB, D, I, L, NL, E, CH, USA
  • Available Languages: English, French

Version: 1.0 (Relâche)

Modification Date: May 1999
Size: 16.7 k

  • First Franco-French Version
  • Only French days off


    last update: Dec 30, 1999