Days Off Guided Tour
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How does it work ?


DaysOff is made of a PalmOS software (the .prc file), and several PalmOS databases (the .pdb files). There is one database file per country. The available country list is given here. To load DaysOff in your PalmOS device, load the unique ".prc" file, and all the database you want.


You need at least one country database in your Palm in order DaysOff to work properly. DaysOff can handle 30 databases as a maximum. If DaysOff does not find any country database, or finds more than 30 databases, you'll see the following alerts.


After starting, DaysOff presents you a country and a language. Language choices depends on the country selected. Select the country and the language you want with the popup lists. Note that the language concerns only the labelling of the days off, not the date format. The date format is derived from your Palm preferences. The day names depends on DaysOff version (only US version available currently).


With the two triangle buttons, you can scroll the days off list. The page Up and Down button is used to increase or decrease the year selection.


You want to insert the days off in your DateBook? Click on the "Agenda Link" button. Now, a window allows you to insert the current selected country days off in the DateBook. Select the start and stop time of the future events with the "Event Time" selector. The "No Time" choice is available. Then select the start and stop year for insertion in the DateBook with the triangles buttons. Note that start year can be after the stop year! :-). Now, you just have to push the "Insert" button, and that's it. Note that DaysOff demo version only inserts the first day of the days off list. The "Remove" button works the same way for removing DaysOff events from the DateBook. Note that removal only works for events inserted by DaysOff, and if they have not been modified afterway.


Lets go to the setup, with the application menu (shortcup S). Set the "Check DateBook" option. Now, back to the main screen, you see little diamonds on the side of the days off label. It means that an event is present in your DateBook for the given date. If you want to see what event it is, just tap the diamond, and you're in the DateBook. Ahah. But you have to use the application launcher to go back to DaysOff.

To avoid this, set the "Go back to DaysOff" in the Setup windows. Now, by tapping a diamond, you go to the DateBook, and after 3 seconds, you're back to DaysOff! That's a cool tool to remove older version of DaysOff labels in your DateBook...

After inserting a country days off labels in your DateBook, you can suppress the corresponding database from your pilot, if you want to save RAM, even if DaysOff databases are very small. Use the remove country (shorcut R) command in the application menu. Note that if there is only one database left, DaysOff will not accept to remove it.

    last update: Dec 30, 1999